Private ad

In, the individual who has the right to enter a legal contract and do not intend to profit from the wholesale is called as the private classed ads.

Professional ad

The professional sellers who do not operate a registered company are called as professional ads in is the one who holds the right to decide whether an ad is a professional ad.

Company ad

In we have the option for register company to decide whether an ad is company ad or not.

Advertise for real and only for yourself

The ads listed must be use of pure marketing without offering any concrete goods, jobs or services which are not allowed in The ads must be placed by the owner of ads and not for someone else.

Ad tittle

The good ad title should relate with what is being advertised, not the one that contains prices, salaries, promotional words, contact details or unnecessary search word. For example, the promotion words include discount, best offer and so on.

Ad description

The ad description should briefly describe what is being advertised. It is illegal to copy the description of ad from another advertiser. The ad advertises is an open access so that it does not need the necessary search word or keyword for buyers to find the item seller.

Ad language

The language allowed to be used for the ads on is only English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Ad category

The advertise ad must be placed in the categories that are best relates to what are being advertised.

No multiple items in one ad

In each ad is referring to the one item only.

No duplicates

The ad must not be placed twice. If you want to repeat the same item, the previous ads must be deleted before inserting the new ad for the same item. The action of posting the same ad using the different name or e-mail’s is prohibited in


The links only can be placed in the ad text description when it is relevant. The sellers are not allowed to place links to another auction, classifieds or marketplace site.


Only relevant images are allowed to use in your ad. The company logo should not be used as images for your ad except for Job, Services and Business for Sale categories.

The images are suitable to be used when:

  • The photo is originally uploaded by ad owner without reused the photo from another advertiser.
  • Do not contain any contact information like phone number, emails and links like Facebook.
  • Do not contain pictures of children.
  • Do not use any promotional words.
  • The advertiser does not include its own watermark of contact details and price, but describe it on the ad description.
  • An ad does not contain any watermark of company logo at any center, four corners of the images or covering more than 30% of an image.
  • It is single image not the collage. Collage means multiple images edited in the same image.
  • New photo which means the advertiser are not allowed to use standard photo.
  • The image is originally taken by the advertiser not by downloading from website.
  • The format of images use must be in JPEG or PNG format only.
  • Not the reuse photo obtains directly from website.
  • The images are clear, relevant in size and good to be seen.
  • The images are not supposed to be violent or provocative in nature.

Original items

In, the item like pirated goods and forged items such as fake branded goods like bags, shoes, watch and others, computer or game software and CD/VCD/DVDs are not allowed. The advertised item must be original and it is encouraging to insert the image of the relevant document in order to prove the originality of the item to be sold.

Realistic offers

The actual selling price must be shown in the ad except for ads under the “Jobs and Services”. For the unrealistic selling price which think is not reasonable, the have the right to refuse the ad.

Bidding and auctions

The only allowed the ad with the actual prices and not the one with bidding and auctions session.

Illegal goods

In, we do not allow the ad regarding good to be advertised if the items are prohibited according to Malaysia law. Please click here for the list of illegal goods.

Prohibited goods and services

In there are some goods and services that are prohibited from being advertised. Please click here for the list of prohibited goods and services.

Offensive content

In, we do not allow the ad or images which could be perceived as unpleasant to ethnic group.


The applicable laws and regulations of Malaysia are attached for the ads under “Jobs and Services” categories of any profession offers.


Vessel ads

  • The private users must register for a free star account and pay the appropriate listing fee if they wish to place ad for more than one time. If there only one times ad was advertised, it is considered as free.
  • The swaps kind of business is not allowed.

Job ads

  • Employers or recruitment agencies are required to sign up for free star account and pays the appropriate listing fee in order to pay the advertises job.
  • A job ad must include:
    • The name of the company
    • The fixed line number which can be set as private.
    • Relevant information about the position offered like details of position offer. has the right to:

  • Replace non appropriate images, edit or delete any unnecessary search words or promotional words.
  • Request advertiser to modify their ad to comply with the advertisement rule.
  • Use good communication techniques in order to make a final decision or whether an ad violates’s rules or spirit of use.
To protect yourself

Rules of Thumb:

Do not click on incoming emails from the bank or other financial institutions. When you want to use internet banking, it is advisable to surf directly to the bank or financial website instead f accessing your bank account from another website. Please be cautious when the incoming emails ask you to enter your password or other relevant information to your bank account. There some cases, the computer viruses are used to intercept and collect the sensitive information. So that, please ensure your personal computer is always supported with updated antivirus protection system and latest security updates for operating and internet browser system.

Transferring money online

Please be aware of “Phishing” when you want to make payment, and transferring the money online. “Phishing” is a term used to refer to someone tries to trick you to obtain sensitive information like password, bank account, and credit card numbers. The “Phishing” done by sending the fake emails from the Internet site that you always used or trust, which they asking to click on the link and fill in your personal data or information. The link will look exactly the same like the bank’s website, but it is controlled by the hackers. This site is used to cheat the Internet user and get the personal information.

Stolen items

When you make a purchase, please make sure the item is not the stolen one. Although the purchase of goods done in good faith but the victim of fraud have the right to recover the stolen property. When you are in doubt:

  • Please request for the original receipt of purchase in order to verify the rightful owner of the item.
  • To ensure the item is not the stolen one, please check with the police station nearby.
  • When you want to purchase the vessel, please check with Jabatan Laut about the registered owner of the vessel to avoid from the purchase of the stolen vessel.
  • Please check the serial number/maker/model for the expensive item like pump to ensure you are not caught in fraud.
  • Please contact us immediately and make a police report when you suspect the item sold is stolen one.


  • Request for the original receipt of the purchase.
  • Request for the proof or ownership for big purchase like vessel (documents like grant, sale and purchase agreements, and registration letter of vessel.)

Shop safely

  • The user is advice from not paying in advance to the seller.
  • The user are not 100% protected from being cheated, although the seller discloses their personal information like identical card or bank account number.
  • In order to verify the authenticity of the product sold, the buyer must request for the original receipt of purchase to the rightful owner of the item.
  • When purchasing is made, please avoid from using the courier service, but trying to meet the seller and do COD (Cash on Delivery).
  • With the deal, it is advised to meet at public area.

Take extra caution when,

  • The offer sounds too good to be true.
  • You re being pushed to complete the deal with another party.
  • The goods from the overseas or the other party us working offshore.
  • The other party asked for your bank account number and credit card number.
  • The seller asked you to pay the large amount of money without meeting.
  • If you want to buy an expensive item, it is advisable to meet up with the seller and check whether the item are genuine or not at the certified supplier.

When Sending Goods

Usually the fraud happens when the item delivered by using the courier not by meeting up between the seller and buyer.

Rules of Thumbs:

1. When you buy;

  • Never pay in advance. The money must be paid when you receive the goods.
  • Do not easily trust when the fraudsters showing you their proof of identity because even with the proof, you still have the risk of being cheated.
  • The postage rate paid by the seller does not grant you from being cheated as you cannot verify the content of the package.

2. When you sell;

  • Always deal with the buyer via COD (Cash on Delivery). Try to avoid using the courier service to ensure the authenticity of the item sold.
  • Please make sure you have received full payment before sending any goods to the customer. Don’t forget to request the proof of payment made.
  • Avoid receives the payment by using the cheque because the cheque cannot be guaranteed can be cashed.

Special Warning for Overseas Payments

Never use the payment service that is not commonly used like Western Union because the payment done by this service is not easily controlled when it is being hacked. Beside, usually the user is easily fraud by using this service. It is advised to use the security-build in service payment like PayPal or MolPay to avoid from being a fraud.


  • Never pay in advance.
  • Do not send goods through mail because it is risky.
  • Do not transfer money to overseas seller.
  • Only used the payment service which offers build-in security features.

High Priced Items

It is hard to identify whether the item advertised is real or fake. Therefore, in we require all sellers from selected categories to declare the originality of the item sold by placing on the proof. This is to show the item sold is really genuine. It is prohibited in to sell the fake goods and if notice this problem the action of law will be taken.

Rules of Thumbs:

1. When you buy;

  • Request the original receipt to ensure the authenticity of the goods.
  • Check the serial number of products to verify the item sold is genuine. Meet the seller at an authorized shop to verify the originality of an item before you pay if the receipt is missing.
  • Kindly let know immediately if you suspect the item advertised is fake one.

2. When you sell;

  • Sell the originality goods only.
  • If the seller is caught being cheated by verifying the item sold is original, the seller can be charged with committing fraud and the legal action can be taken against the seller by the police.


  • Ask for original receipt.
  • Verify the authenticity of the goods.
  • do not allow selling of fake or pirated goods.