Privacy Policy

According to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, is responsible for protecting the user personal information and will take the relevant measure to safeguard the user personal information. The Privacy Policy (“Policy”) in will set out on how use and protect the user information. For commercial transaction, the personal information about the user is protected by the Policy.

Collection of Personal Information will not collect any personal information or personally identifiable information whether the user visit the or not except the user itself provide that information to When the user submit any personal information for any purpose in, the will collect and save the information which later on will personally identify the user. will update the user with the data protection notice (“Notice”) to confirm the consent and simultaneously notify the user about the processing of user personal information. The processing of user personal information will be done in accordance with all applicable laws.

Disclosure of Your Personal Information may sharing the user personal information to the following parties (including the person from oversea) for the following reasons:

  • The agent and service provider which the one who provide the service relating the purpose of which the personal information is collected including data processing services;
  • Any person like person in duty of confidentiality who has undertaken the responsibility to keep such information confidential; and
  • The user personal information is not being shared with other unaffiliated third parties without noticing the user first. But, may disclose the user personal information if required by law or in good faith like the action is necessary to comply with any law enforcement agency requirements, court orders or legal processes.

Access and Update Your Personal Information

Please contact us at when the user like to access, update or correct your personal information. Any request to access or correct personal information may be subject to a fee and will be bound by data protection laws in Malaysia.

Changes to this Policy will review and change the Policy from time to time to reflect on changes in the related law, business practices, processes or structure. has the legal right to not generally notify the user of the changes of the Policy but the latest version of the Policy will be uploaded in website. The Policy is not a contract nor does it suggest any obligation on our part with another party.

Premium Service Terms and Conditions

In, we give option for users to purchase the selected Premium Services. This value added option of Premium Services give user to further enhance the visibility of their advertisement. The Premium Service is limited to the relevant advertisement listing in compliance with the Company’s Rules of Advertisement.

Payment for Purchase of Premium Service at Insert Ad

The method of payments for purchase any Premium Service shall be made either by PayPal or Credit Card only. Together with submission of the User’s advertisement listing for review and the “Insert Ad” form, the payment shall be made simultaneously. The user will be informed when the event of advertisement is rejected by together with provide the reasons of rejection and shall be allowed to utilize the balance of premium service(s) for:

  1. A corrected advertisement listing, subject to approval in accordance with the Rules of Advertising at “Delete or Edit Ad” option;
  2. A new advertisement listing, subject to approval in accordance with the Rules of Advertising at “Delete or Edit Ad” option; or
  3. An existing published advertisement at “Delete or Edit Ad” option.

If the advertisement listed is rejected by the because of non-compliance with the Rule of Advertising, all the payments made by the users are non-refundable. However, the premium service purchased by the user still remain valid for 30days from the date of first rejected by This is one of premium service advantages. For any advertisement listing which complies with Rule of Advertising. The user may utilize the benefit when they submit and getting approved for new ad listing within the aforesaid of 30day period. However, for any premium service which not utilized after the aforesaid of the 30day period shall be forfeited.

Pay for Premium Service at Delete or Edit Ad

Only PayPal, Credit Card or MolPay is accepted to be used as payment method in The purchase of new premium service(s) does not increase the life span of the published advertisement. So that, the user is advised to check the life span of their advertisement first before made any new purchase.


“Phishing” is a term used to refer to someone tries to trick you to obtain sensitive information like password, bank account, and credit card numbers. The “Phishing” done by sending the fake emails from the Internet site that you always used or trust, which they asking to click on the link and fill in your personal data or information. The link will look exactly the same like the bank’s website, but it is controlled by the hackers. This site is used to cheat the Internet user and get the personal information.

Never respond to any request from any ‘official’ bank or any other phone calls or e-mails that claim they are an official authority to avoid from “Phishing” crime. In the mean time, please check or verify the ‘official’ contact details for that bank or authority by contact them. Whenever you suspected any “Phishing” incident which related to star ads account, kindly let know for further action taken.

Phishing is the one of trial method used to acquire the sensitive information like username, password and credit card detail for bad intended which is done by camouflage or irresponsible person as a trustworthy identity in an electronic communication. Phishing is the new term introduced symbolize from the fishing due to similarity of using fake bait in order to catch the victims. The communication usually comes from the popular websites, banks, auction sites, online payment processors or IT administrators to bait the unsuspecting victims. Usually the Phishing emails send to the victims infected with the viruses. Commonly done by email spoofing or instant messaging and the user will be directed to enter the details at the fake website which look identical and similar to the original one. The Phishing shows the disadvantage of social technology engineering which the technique implies to deceive the users and exploits the poor usability of current web security technologies. The increase in Phishing incidents is reported recently where the report includes the legislation, user training, public awareness and technical security measure. Recently most of the website will equip with a secondary tool for application like games, but the user must aware with whom they are written and it is advised to never use the same passwords on the Internet.

The social media like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter is more risky for Phishing to take place and Phishing is a kind of continual threat. A clone of website is created and the user enters the personal information by assuming the website is real then emailed to the hacker. This crime usually happens in the workplace, homes or in public which the hacker attacks the personal and the security information which affect the user and the company. Disability of the user to differentiate between the real or the fake website of user visited or the program being used is an advantage for hackers to gain the personal information of the user, for example password, username, security codes or credit card numbers.